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South, far south. South of the Black Mountains. South of the legendary Silver Road of the dwarves, south of the Mad Dog Pass. There lie the worst and most dangerous lands of the Border Princes. To the east are the World's Edge Mountains, filled with dark beasts and hordes of greenskins, including the Iron Claw Orc Clan - who are themselves less terrible than the Dark Lands further east. To the west is the Black Gulf and the Varenka Hills where the dwarf hold of Barak Varr guards the mouth of the Blood River, the border with the Badlands to the south. Between them all lie the Govina Marches, a maze of small holdings, small even by the standards of the Border Princes, tucked in among scrub bush, thin pine woods, creeks and rivers and low hills. The inhabitants struggle with the raiding greenies from the South and East, and with each other.

Two such small holdings, the Barony of Estrallia and the Kommun of Raust, meet at the point where two small rivers or large creeks, the Fyschkill and the Fraugkill, merge to form the Dead Horse River. The "V" of lands between the two Kills has been hotly contested by the Barony and the Kommun for several generations. Those who live in the Vee, as it is called, or just either side of the Kills, are subject to raids and attacks, which relent only when the greenies storm across the Blood River or out of the mountains and all grudges are momentarily set aside to repulse the invaders.

Here a fateful meeting will take place.

Map of the region

This is another spin off War Hammer PBeM. This one is probably even less canonical than my other games. It's set in the lands of the Border Princes, and I'll take some liberties.

Initally, it looks like the play will center around a band of ... let's call them irregular troops (bandits is such an unpleasant term). They operate on the border of several domains and one Baron's border patrol is another Baron's outlaw band, after all.

Our heroes:

Book 1 - The Fateful Meeting

Chapter One - Heide and Raphael
Important (or not so ..) NPCs


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