All the crew are normal humans with exceptions noted in individual entries.
Janet MacTierney, Receptionist
Receptionist extraordinaire, Janet is privy to the real work of the organization. That's why she's got a taser under her desk at reception and a ready hand on the alarm button.
Robertson Daniels, Accountant
Robertson, never Bob, can stash assets off-shore or in Switzerland with the best of them. He's not exactly sure what the company does, but is sure that it's lucrative. And he thinks it's legal.
Daniel Peterson, Man Friday
Danno is the man with the plan, an ear to the ground, keeper of the lost and found. And not as cool as he thinks he is. He does, however, have a number of contacts which are sometimes nearly as useful as he thinks they are.
Vivienne Woodsmith, Technical Genius
The British (at least she seems British) Dr. Woodsmith is a brilliant innovator in a number of scientific fields, notably optics and lasers. Becky gives her money and lets her imagination run wild. It was she who invented the laser screwdriver and fixes it when it breaks.

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