The Tourney at Carduel

In 514 Anno Domine, the fourth year of the reign of Arthur, High King of Britain, Elidore was summoned to the court of Baroness Branhild of Elidore at Pentecost. She and her mother, Sir Elaine, made the short trip from their home to the court with good will, for they knew the=20 reason for the summons - Elidore was to be made knight.

Indeed, the day before Pentecost, Branhild sent Elidore to the chapel to spend the night in prayer and contemplation, keeping her vigil.

In the morning, young women of the household bathed her and dressed her in white clothes. They armed her with arms and armour, gifts of her mother and her liege-to-be Branhild. When this was done, the others joined her in the chapel. The coarb said several prayer, then Branhild's herald made the tradition demands of Elidore, who answered correctly. Then Branhild stepped forth, dubbed her and delivered the buffet, then took her fealty. All stepped aside then, making an aisle, for Pomitain practiced the custom of the leap. Elidore ran outside to where her horse awaited and leapt toward the saddle. She landed successfully to a great cheer from the crowd and led them triumphantly to the keep for a great feast. As the food began to be served, Branhild addressed her new vassal. "Sir Eildore, now that you are knight, what shall you do?"

"I would embark upon errantry, my liege, and seek such deeds as are fit for a knight of this realm."

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