The Kingdom of Pomitain

Royal Family

The ruler of Pomitain is Queen Britomartica, accompanied by her husband-consort, Cian. They have one daughter, Mandua, and one son, Cynnan. Since Pomitain practices matrilineal descent, Mandua is the heir.

The fact that they have a son at all is unusual. Pomitain women of the knightly class bear an inordinately large proportion of daughters. Most noble husbands are therefore drawn from the sons of clergymen, since the Christianity practiced tends to follow the Irish model rather than the Roman.

Geography and demographics

Pomitain is located in the Irish sea, north of Wales but South of Hadrian's wall. (It is the modern the Isle of Man.) The Kingdom is Cymric and Christian, with a strong sea-going tradition. The Chistianity leans toward the Irish model.

The Kingdom has two Baronies, one at each end, with the Royal demense in the middle. The Royal demense is centered on the valley that crosses the island, from modern Peel to Douglas. The Queen has roughly twenty knights in her household.

Godeford, the southern Barony, is the smaller of the two, and follows the southeastern coast for the most part. The Baroness' household has some eight knights.

The northern barony is on the northwest coast and the Baroness' household has about twelve knights.

There are several monastaries scattered around the Kingdom, some coastal and a few in the highlands.


The arms of the Queen, and therefore the Kingdom, are "Vert, a Gyrfalcon argent."
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