Important NPCS

Friends and Family

Jerome "Sparkie" Sparks: decker, editor, director and manager
Jerome is a decker/SimSense editor who got his start for a minor SimSense house in Van Nuys. Doing porn taught him a lot about creative editing but turned out to be too much sleaze for even him. He left the business and tried to take up decking full time. He lacks the requisite skills and equipment to be a solo operative, so he attached himself to Brennan and Falcon. Sparkie met Brennan one night at a bar and put the whole SimSense idea into his head.

Samantha: driver, assistant director and general "gopher"
Sam was a run-away that strayed into Brennan's neighborhood several years ago. She's learned more about the streets in that time than either spell slinger is likely to in a lifetime. She does much of the dirty work for the group, from acquiring materials to cleaning up the small apartment they share. She does all the little jobs Sparkie can't be bothered with. She's a good driver and decent with a sidearm when need calls for it. She's also learning the craft of SimSense from Sparkie.

William Brownfeather
Owl Shaman and Talismonger. He and Falcon go back a few years and are solid enough friends that Falcon can call on him for backup now and then, and vice-versa, of course. Only a mediocre spell-caster he's a pretty good talismonger.

While Falcon is seen as a valuable customer and friend, Brennan is less liked. Brownfeather will sometimes do things for Brennan, but tends to be a little antagonistic about it. He has commented that Falcon could go a lot farther if he would cut himself free of Brennan.

Lilly Keefe
Brennan's cousin, his mother's sister's girl. She and Brennan were both raised with in the shadow of the corporate world. She is generally seen as the success to Brennan's failure. She once cared more for her cousin, but the corporate mindset has been taking more and more hold.

Associates and Such

Duke, a Bartender at Purple Haze
Duke has his finger on a lot what's going on around town. Purple Haze is the best retro bar going. Well, that's what its habitues say.

Billy Edge, leader of British Steel
British Steel is a smallish gang who adopt (usually bad) British accents listen to a lot of early 80s heavy metal and dress in a mish-mash of hard rock and punk fashions from the 70s and 80s. They run a few blocks in a tough part of town near the docks. They favor hand razors and spurs and knives in general. A double edged razor blade is their logo and members are usually tatooed with it, although some use patches on their jackets.

Mr. Johnson, #1
Original company agent that tried to recruit Brennan. Occasionally tries to make him an offer, but usually just serves his own purposes with what info and job opportunities he feeds Brennan.

A member of Oyabun Asako's organization. He brought Falcon to Asako-san in the first adventure.

Oyabun Asako Timano
Rich and powerful. He owes Falcon a favor.