DL  Nathan Bedford Forest DL-A333A32-50000080904-0	1000 tons
  With damage             DL-A333A32-50000080804-0	Repairs needed.
 batteries bearing	                   1 1 1	Crew=33
 batteries                                 1 1 1	TL=14
Passengers=0 Low=0 Cargo=87 Fuel=400 EP=100 Agility=2
Usually carries two more complete missile loadouts: 6t, HE is standard

Captain: 			Commander Caroline Prosperine
Executive Officer:		Lt. Mary-Anne Powers
Medical Officer:		Lt. Cmdr. William Kasahara, MD
Chief Navigator/Helmsman:	Lt. Tor Schrakenburg
Second Navigator/Helmsman:	Lt. Lisa Flanders
Computer Officer:		Ensign Michelle 'Mike' Henessy
Communications Officer:		Lt. the Baron Hans Smyth
   Rating/Shuttle Pilot:	   Spacehand Apprentice John Jennsen
   Rating/Steward:		   Spacehand Recruit Kelley Wills
   Rating/Bridge:		   Able Spacehand Lauren Bogart

Engineering Chief:		Lt. Commander Jesse "Spanner" Schiller
   Engineering PO:		   Senior Chief PO Roger DeCourt

Gunnery Chief:			Lt. Sir George Federov

The Stuart Class Light Destroyer is intended for use as a patrol craft, operating with other ships as part of a squadron or small fleet. In the Budartha subsector, the typical patrol consists of two Stuart Class and a single Hamlet Class Destroyer/Troop Transport.

The Stuart class is a simple cylinder, 92 meters long and 15 meters in diameter. It has two decks.

Capable of Jump-3, much of the interior space is occupied by fuel which is distributed around the decks, and fills up the awkward spaces near the skin. The fuel scoops and refiners are forward on either side of the particle beam bay. They are not pressurized and are accessible only via EVA.

The top deck consists of a cargo bay which runs about half the length of the ship, 44 meters. At the aft end of the ship is an airlock/launch bay complex. Since the Stuart class is not streamlined enough to land in atmosphere, an airlock solution was required. In the usual configuration, there is a seperate bay for the ship's launch, with its own hatch access to the cargo bay. The exterior hatch may be opened on one side only to allow ships to enter either bay area or may opened together to expose the entire air lock. The bay's interior walls, however, are removable and may be lowered down into the engineering section. This changes the configuration from two boat bays to a single large bay. This configuration is often used when the ship is taking on large amounts of cargo and a larger shuttle is being used.

The bow 48 meters of the top deck is quartering and bridge. Officers' country runs along the starboard side and crew quarters alongside the port. The captain's quarters has a full fresher unit installed, and the department heads quarters have simple units. The other officers use a shared head/fresher and are double occupancy. All crew quarters are double occupancy and all crew members share a head/fresher. The entire crew, including officers, shares the gym unit, a schedule is usually posted as to the available times so as to avoid fraternization. The kitchen is shared, and has access to both the crew and officer's lounge. A small room is set aside as a Petty Officer's lounge off the crew lounge. The PO lounge doubles as a surgery if situations require it and can also serve as an emergency sick bay.

Above the top deck is the for the main armament, a particle accellerator in a 100t bay. Access to the bay is from elevators or ladders through iris hatches, all located in the cargo bay. (No deck plan provided or needed.)

This deck consists mainly of the large powerplant needed to drive the manouvre drives and particle beam. The two forward hatches slant down and into the jump drives.

Below the Engineering deck is the jump drive level aka "The Hole." Running the length of the ship it is primarly acccessed by removable deck plates, although there are occasional crawlspaces to provide deeper access.

The stations for the laser and missile batteries are also below the engineering deck, accessible through iris hatches. The laser battery is on the starboard and the missile battery on the port.

Stuart Class
DL Light Destroyer, 1000 ton (A)	
	Cylinder (3)
	Jump-3 40 tons
	Manouvre-3 80 tons
	Power Plant-A 200 tons
	Jump Fuel-300 tons
	PP Fuel-100 tons
	Fuel Scoops
	Refinery - 5t
	Bridge-20 tons
	100 Energy points
	Model 3 Computer 1 Energy Point, 3t
	Crew is: 33
		Command Section:  Commander, Executive, 
			Two Navigators, Medical, Computer, Commo. Five ratings.
		Engineering Section: Chief Officer, Petty Officer, 4 Crew.
		Gunnery Section: Chief Officer, Three Petty Officers, 6 Crew
		Service Crew: 4 crew
	Quarters: 3 single occupancy, 15 double - 18 @ 72 tons
	Armour +5 (60 tons)
	Carries Launch: 20 t
                          QL-0201101-00000000000-0	20 tons
	100 ton Particle Beam Bay (9), 60 Energy
	9 hardpoints - 
	  Battery #1
		5 triple beam laser turrets, TL14 5t, 15 Energy Points
		2 double beam laser turrets, TL14 2t (8) 4 Energy Points
	  Battery #2
		2 triple missile turrets (4), 6 t, 0 Energy

Tonnage: 913 t
Energy Used: 80