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FSS Standard Issue Weapons

WeaponDamageRange (Mods)Shots ReloadNotes
Colt .45, FSS Model4k35(+5)/20(0)/40(-10)/100(-15) 61 action/bulletstandard pistol (1)
Winchester .45 FSS Model5k35(0)/15(+5)/100(-10)/300(-15) 171 action/ 2 bulletsstandard rifle (1)
Derringer .45 FSS Model3k35(0)/10(-10)/20(-15) 22 actions/bulletstandard FSS holdout (1)
Derringer line-launcher3k220(-10)/40(-15)/60(-20) 12 actions (+2 for the bullet) carries a line which may stick in walls and stuff. (1)
  1. This weapon accepts a standard .45 round. Ammo is interchangeable between these weapons.

FSS Special Equipment

FSS Derringer Sleeve Rig
Conceals a derringer up the sleeve with a quick release. (The draw of the derringer is a 0-phase action)
Pocketwatch Knockout Gas Dispenser
Experimental device to direct KO gas at a single target or tight cluster. Contains two doses.
KO Gas is a poison (Unconsciousness/1 phase/1 phase). A Brawn check with a TN of 25 allows someone to avoid passing out for 1 phase and another phase for every 5 points by which they make the roll.

General Weapons
FSS Doorbuster, this is a shaped burn charge.  It works like a poison doing
	(1 Dramatic Wound/1 round/5 rounds)  (that'll burn through a door
	pretty good but a person is unlikely to let it sit on them ...)

Gatling Gun .45, must redo

The equipment from the Hero version is here
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