This is the homepage for the Covenant of Bremmeren, a member of the Cisalpin Tribunal.

It is the home of a campaign which is sort of a spin-off from The Lakehome Saga.

This is very much a preliminary website. The saga here may or may not get rolling, but even if it doesn't, it's got some good background for Lakehome.

Bremerren is an Autumn Covenant slipping into Winter and is located just south of the Petit Saint Bernard Pass in the Alps. It was founded in 980 by an eclectic group of seven magi: a Diedne, a Jerbiton, a Verdi, two Bonisagus, a Flambeau and an Ex Miscellanea.

In 1011, during the Schism War, word came to Bremmeren that House Diedne had been renounced. The Flambeau immediately attacked the Diedne and both were destroyed.

In 1206, the status of the Covenant inhabitants is this:

Last updated: 13 August 2004