Johnathan Sanders-Davington

and his life thus far

Johnathan was born in March of 1852, the youngest of Margaret and David Sanders-Davington's five children. Johnathan was a surprise to his family - they had not expected more children, but they were nevertheless overjoyed at his arrival. It did mean that his eldest sibling was 9 years older than him. Bereft of playmates, Margaret often took the infant Johnathan to the home of her cousins - Lord and Lady Davington - to play with their two young children, Rose and Janet. (Johnathan always treasured his happy memories of Trelliswood, Autie Tilda and Uncle Algie. When all else is bleak, they give him the gumption he needs)

From a very young age Johnathan evinced his adventurous soul through many daring (and occasionally unwise) escapades, occasionally getting himself, Rosie and Janet into trouble - but always owning up to his misdeeds and taking the blame for the girls' as his own - as his father and uncle taught him a proper gentleman should.

When Johnathan reached his majority, his two much older brothers were already deeply involved in the family affairs - and there wasn't anything for him to constructively do.

His adventurous nature, was constantly getting him in trouble and he (and the family) realised it was only a matter of time before he inadvertantly dragged the family name into some scandal. So with the agreement and support of his family, Johnathan set out on his grand tour, leaving Britain in 1875. He did not know at the time that it would be 14 years before he saw the green fields of England and his beloved Trelliswood again ...

At first Johnathan did the 'usual' grand tour - all the sights of Europe and then onto the Turkish empire, on then to India. But this was not enough; he went to Mercury with a Royal Navy Ether Flyer and lived there in Princess Christiana station for half a year, thence to Venus where he first saw the living dinosaurs and his interest in biology began. Living in Venusstadt for two years as an English tutor, Johnathan picked up German quickly, before his wanderlust took hold again and he moved on to Mars and the wonders of Syrtis Major. Johnathan joined the Royal Martian Geographical Society and was soon involved in all manner of escapades and adventures. Although not by nature an expressive man Johnathan learned how to lead other men by example and authority, otfen being in charge of the native help on the Society digs. He alsofrequently wrote to his cousins Rose and Janet describing his adventures. He also learnt the Martian trade language - Koline.

Johnathan enojyed his life of adventure on Mars for several years and made and lost three fortunes in this period, but eventually in 1884, he decided it was time to move on again. He returned to Earth and not having been to the Orient he lived in Shanghai for 2 years - the whole time he was there he intended to visit Trelliswood, but never seemed to find the time to do so. He did learn Mandarin whilst in Shanghai, though.

But he moved on again, this time returning to Venus to see the Dinosars again and for the first indulged what would become a passion of his (albeit short) life and hunted big game - Dinosaurs being the biggest game around. However, a very close call with an Allosaur saw him give up that life and move back to Mars.

He only stayed there for a couple of months (until January of 1887) before he determined to return to earth and visit Africa. He stilled enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, but the Allosaur in August of '86 had destroyed his nerve and he had nightmares at the thought of the Venusian jungles ... Privately ashamed of his 'cowardice' as he perceived it, Johnathan reasoned that he might be able to partially exorcise these demons by hunting in the dry climate of the South African veldt.

So he returned to Earth and went straight to Africa where he learnt Swahili and began to join hunting expeditions and exploratory missions to try and prove his bravery to himself. For the next year or so, Johnathan lost himself in Africa, enjoying its primeval charm and beauty. Eventually in January of '89 he washed up in Cape Town and found that his family had being trying to find him for the best part of a year, before eventually giving up. His beloved Aunt Tilda and Uncle Algie had died last year from a rare tropical disease. Distraught at their loss and his absence from their funeral, Johnathan at once packed his bags and booked passage on the first Aerial Liner for London - heading post haste for Trelliswood to pay his respects and say goodbye to his beloved uncle and aunt ...

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