Victorian Rose Space:1889, Timeline

The Village Treat
Planning an Expedition
The Adventure Begins
En Route to Africa
Lagos and the Interior
Through Kano to Lake Chad
On to Dunaga
1888 Algernon and Mathilda Davington succumb to their illness. Rosewater Davington becomes Lady Davington.
1887 Algernon and Mathilda Davington return early from expedition to Africa with a rare tropical disease. They do not recover and die early in 1888.
Jonathan returns from Venus and travels and hunts in Africa. He does not encounter the Davingtons.
Elizabeth and Dr. Fyoderich return to Earth and open a small clinic in Wapping-on-the-Flume.
1886 Jonathan return to Venus.
1884 Jonathan Sanders-Davington returns to Earth, settling in Shanghai.
1883 Elizabeth and Dr. Fyoderich return to Mars.
1882 Algernon and Mathilda Davington return from expedition to Africa.
1881 Elizabeth and Dr. Fyoderich return to Earth, and work in Africa.
1880 James Rutherford dies on Mars. Elizabeth remains on Mars and begins studying medecine seriously.
1879 Geoffrey Blankenwell is born.
1877 Aemilia Blankenwell is born.
1875 Jonathan departs Britain, touring the continent, then Mars, then Venus until 1884.
1874 Janet Davington marries Francis Blankenwell in the Spring. The following Winter, Francis, Jr. is born.
1873 The Rutherfords arrive on Mars, where they will remain for many years, and meet Dr. Mikhail Ivanov Fyoderich.
1868 James Rutherford and daughter Elizabeth begin series of mercantile trips to India, Africa, Mars.
1862 Catherine Rutherford, mother of Elizabeth, dies.
1858 Elizabeth Rutherford is born.
1854 The Honourable Janet Davington is born.
1852 Jonathan Sanders-Davington is born.
1849 The Honourable Rosewater Davington is born.
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