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This is the homepage for a pbem Space:1889 campaign which originally was to feature the adventures of Lady Rosewater Davington, but which has expanded to focus on her friends and family.

Prominent among those friends and family, are her cousin Johnathan Sanders-Davington, and her friend and doctor Elizabeth Rutherford.

Although the game started as pure Space:1889, I have since converted it to Hero System 4th Edition (aka Champions).

Lady Rose's ancestral home is Trelliswood, a sprawling estate with many buildings, including two large greenhouses - one for Terrestrial flora and one for Martian flora.

She has many servants, of course, but Godfrey Kenteworth occupies a special place. It is Godfrey who accompanies her on her various adventures away from Trelliswood, and his military training (he was in the Royal Marines in his youth) have served her in good stead on more than one occasion.

The nearest village to Trelliswood is Wapping-on-the-Flume, which boasts a fine Norman church which is still in use today. Vicar Sanscool has been the shepherd of this little flock for nearly fifty years.

Important NPCs
A Timeline for the Campaign
A couple of Aether Flyer designs presented to Lady Rose for her consideration.

The Story

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