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House Rules


Lifestyle costs include basic clothing and cover minor expenses for things like drinks at bars and restaurants and so forth, always bearing in mind the level. For example, a Middle-Class lifestyle has some work clothes, but no haute-couture, and covers a few drinks in the local bar now and then, but not dining out every night.

Armour and haute-couture are always excluded, as are drugs and the like.

Setting Mods

Black Market Currency

Credsticks are nice and all, but for really untraceable you need cash. Every region has some sort of black market currency, often sponsored by the local crime syndicate or a consortium of local small businesses. Sometimes governments are even involved.

Often the amounts in circulation are small and used for minor transactions, and counterfeiting is looked down on by nearly everyone. The Mafia and the local Gangbangers will work together to take out someone passing bad scrip since it interferes with their business on the one hand and fun on the other.

In Port Alexander, in Commerce City at least, the scrip is pretty standard issue and provided by the Russian mob - the Mevdev family to be specific. They will do straight scrip-to-credstick conversions and vice-versa. Their scrip is hard to fake, and the last guys that tried were found crucified on the goalposts at the CommerceDome - which forced a game cancellation and annoyed the whole neighborhood.


Extendable Sword
Similar to the extendable baton (Cannon Companion,p. 9), this slightly oversized hilt contains a telescoping blade that locks into a sword configuration. It is not quite as sturdy as a regular sword, but much easier to conceal. Dikote (Man&Machine, p.111) is a popular mod to the blade.
NameConcealReachDamage WeightAvailCostStreet IndexLegality
Extendable Sword8/41(STR+1)M 14/48750Y13-B

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