Shadowrun - Welcome to the Future

Important NPCS

  • Associates and Such

    Kelly Edge, leader of British Steel

    British Steel is a smallish gang who adopt (usually bad) British accents listen to a lot of early 80s heavy metal and dress in a mish-mash of hard rock and punk fashions from the 70s and 80s. They run a few blocks in a tough part of town near the docks. They favor hand razors and spurs and knives in general. A double edged razor blade is their logo and members are usually tatooed with it, although some use patches on their jackets.

    Kelly is twice as tough as most of the gang, she had to be to get where is now. Even these days, there are some folks who think that a girl is an easy target. Some of them are now missing ears or fingers.

    Shar-Chi, "Importer/Exporter"

    Working out of a small shop near the docks in Commerce City, Shar-Chi will be the first to tell you that he is a humble importer of Chinese specialities and exporter of fine American cultural artifacts like blue jeans. To those in know, however ... Shar-Chi can put people in touch with other people, for a price. He can arrange for things to be acquired or disposed of, for a price. And he's very good at it.

    Madame Meegai, Sensei

    Madam Meegai runs a small dojo not far from Pet's place, just inside British Steel territory. Her lifestyle is austere and her flexible payment policy (she doesn't delve too deeply into her students' means of support and will often accept barter or labor as payment) means that she isn't bothered by British Steel, some of whom train with her, or by the usual petty thieves. The fact that one or two who did try a smash and grab got their heads handed to them also discourages such attempts.

    There are rumours that Meegai used to walk the Flex*, and every now and then the dojo will be closed unexpectedly and Meegai will be closeted with visitors until the wee hours.

    *: I'm totally swiping the Musashi Flex from Steve Perry's Man Who Never Missed series.

    Spike, Dwarven Tech-wiz

    If it's tech, Spike can crack it, fix it or maybe build it. At least, that's what he says. What's clear is that he's pretty good with most kinds of tech. He can jack into the Matrix if needed, crack a maglock, break a remote-control link and jury-rig manual controls - and that's only the stuff Pet's seen him do.

    He's not much of a fighter, and to be honest, a specialist decker can wipe the Matrix with him, a specialist theif can get through doors faster and on and on, but ... if you want someone with a pretty good chance of handling whatever tech you find, expected and un-, Spike's your dwarf.

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