Shadowrun - Welcome to the Future

Important Places

Pet's Place

Pet's place is a former body-shop in the Commerce City section of Port Alexander. The front part has 15' ceilings, and the back part has a loft running across it, splitting it into two floors each a little over 7' tall. The living space is in the loft, with a second half-bath on the first floor.

The front has giant garage doors, with a smaller regular door. There's a fire door at the back. The only windows are in the loft and the bay can be seen a couple of blocks away.

A decent size parking lot is out front. There's about a six foot gap on the other sides, all surrounded by a 9' chainlink fence, with a 10' wide sliding gate in the front.

Behind is another building roughly the same size and layout. To the left as you look at it from the street, is a five-story apartment building, which is in use as an SRO. To the right is the burned out ruin of a three story warehouse. It's in sufficiently bad shape that even squatters usually don't stay there long.

All along the ground level, cinderblocks line the walls for some extra bunker-style protection. Across the front garage doors is a ballistic cloth drape that will stop most incoming small arms fire, though it won't even slow down any large mass, say a speeding car, that tried to ram through it.

Retractable monofilament wires can be pulled across the doors at four and a half feet of height. That'll chop most people down to size, but is higher than the kittens are likely to get. And, of course, dwarves will walk right under it.

This is a middle-class lifestyle.

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