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Welcome to the future ...

This is the home page for a PBeM game of Shadowrun, an RPG originally published by FASA, now published by Wizkids. As is usual for me, I have used the published material in the main book as a jumping off point and filled in the rest of the world as I wished. So, those of you familiar with the "canonical" universe as elaborated upon in various ancillary published material may find that events and groups oddly changed or missing entirely.

The setting for this game is Port Alexander, on the east coast of the UCAS. Not that I have anything against Seattle, you understand. I have my reasons.

The PC

"Petunia" aka "Pretty Pet"
Pet's player wanted to use Coup de Vitesse, a martial art from the Honor Harrington series, and we decided it was probably close enough to SR's "Wildcat" style from Cannon Companion. So it's those rules, with a different name.

The game:

Some important places
Some important NPCs
Shadowrun Home
There was an older Shadowrun PBeM, archived here, that shutdown in 2003.
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